In 1988, legendary LES industrial noise band Missing Foundation released their sophomore album, 1933 Your House Is Mine (currently available on vinyl from Dais Records). Upon its release, the New York Times named it Rock Album of the Week; the Village Voice’s Robert Christgau gave it a D. The sound of the band remains just as divisive today. Its anti-gentrification, anti-corporate, pro-environment message, unusual at the time, has even more resonance and relevance today.

This poster, which accompanied the album’s release, was a common sight wheatpasted onto walls all over downtown NYC. In the 25+ years since, very few original copies remain. However now seems like the perfect time to offer it up once again, as the forces of hypergentrification seem on the verge of swallowing the city whole. Standing on the verge of a totalitarian state is what the 1933 reference is all about.

Designed by Peter Missing and featuring the artwork of John Heartfield, each 18″x24″ poster is digitally printed on heavyweight paper.

Price: $35, plus shipping and handling charges according to delivery destination and sales tax for New York residents.

Contact us at wewillnot[at]turalura[dot]com for instructions if you’d prefer to pay by money order. Personal checks and cash not accepted, sorry!